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At the park entrance, there is a 0.

Volcanoes in hawaii maui


As a result of the geographic importance of this observational platform, experts come from all over the world to take part in research at » Science City «, an astrophysical complex operated by the U.

Some of the telescopes operated by the US Department of Defense are involved in researching man-made e. The program is in collaboration with defense contractors in the Maui Research and Technology Park in Kihei.

Local animals, including cattle, are often encountered in the roadway. Public transportation does not go through the park, but there are four vehicle based tour companies Polynesian Adventure Tours , Skyline Eco Adventures, Haleakala EcoTours, and Valley Isle Excursions that operate tours of the park and trips to the summit.

Arrive for sunset and stay to look through a telescope after dark. Cycling and horseback riding are other popular ways to explore the park. There are a few tour guides on Maui that pick people up at their hotels, and outfit them with a bicycle to glide down the road from just outside the National Park boundary starting at ft altitude. Tour operators used to run bike rides down the entire 27 miles from the summit, but in the National Park Service suspended all commercial bicycle activity within the park boundaries, following multiple fatal accidents.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Massive shield volcano in Hawaii. Highest ocean islands 18th World most prominent peak 85th US most prominent peaks 10th. Lava Flow Hazard map of Haleakala. Main article: Haleakala Observatory. Climate data for Haleakala Ranger Station 6, ft 2, m asl. May Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth. United States Geological Survey. September 9, Retrieved Retrieved 4 June National Park Service.

Volcanoes In America’s National Parks. ISBN Let’s Go To Maui. The Economist. Technology Review MIT. Journal of Pacific History. S2CID The Maui News. The Nutting Company. Retrieved 29 July Associated Press. Bike Maui. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Retrieved September 13, Climate Normals U. Monthly Climate Normals The Hawaiian Islands are unique in so many ways. So it is no surprise that they are unique as volcanoes go.

Most volcanoes are located where tectonic plates come together. The largest volcanic area is the Ring of Fire around the Pacific Ocean. The Hawaiian Islands are unique as they are formed from a volcanic hotspot. They are far from the Ring of Fire. The hotspot erupts magma into the ocean. The volcano grows until it breaks the surface of the ocean to create an island. Maui broke the surface over 1. Maui is the second youngest volcanic island in the Hawaii archipelago with Kauai being the oldest at around 5 million years old.

As the ocean crust moves, the volcanic island moves farther away from the hotspot causing fewer eruptions and finally ceasing to erupt all together. Haleakala is in this camp of volcanoes. The volcanic island of Maui is part of the Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain. The youngest of this volcanic island chain is the Hawaiian Islands.

Be ready to plant your flag. While the Maui volcanoes are not erupting and will most likely not erupt during your holiday, they are well worth visiting. The last eruption on Maui was Haleakala in the 17th century or earlier based on carbon dating. It was thought Haleakala last erupted in This inaccurate date was based on maps made during the voyages of Captains La Perouse and George Vancouver.

Haleakala has a long history of eruptions. At least ten eruptions have occurred in the past 1, years. Haleakala has a high probability of erupting in the future based on its recent activity. Rest assured that it will most likely not erupt during your vacation.

The West Maui volcano of Mauna Kahalawai last erupted , years ago. Over the thousands of centuries of inactivity, the shield volcano no longer resembles a volcano. Heavy rains have eroded the shield shape into deep valleys and tall mountains. They make for amazing sunrises. Look down onto the clouds from the summit of Haleakala. Go snorkeling in the morning and have a snowball fight in the afternoon from the summit, if visiting Maui in the winter.

A trip to the top of Haleakala is perfect for families who want their kids to experience a volcano and for adventurers who want to hike the crater. The valleys of Mauna Kahalawai are hard to miss. Here are the best ways to explore these Maui volcanoes. See our Haleakala Sunrise video below for three ways to visit the volcano for sunrise.

See our Haleakala Guided Sunrise Tour for more information and to book with our promo code. To reach the summit of Haleakala, allow a minimum of 2-hours to drive from the most popular places to stay on Maui, Wailea on the southside and Lahaina and Kaanapali on the west side. If you are further up the coast from Lahaina in Kapalua or Napili, then allow 2. The drive to the top is part of the adventure. Stop in the local Maui upcountry towns as you drive up the Haleakala Highway.

Short detours off the highway will drop you into Makawao and Kula. Makawao is a ranching community known for its cowboys and artists. Kula is farm country where a coffee plantation tour or visiting the lavender fields is a must. As you near the summit the road becomes all switchbacks as you climb to over 10, feet. The road is in excellent condition and is very safe to drive. Watch the sunrise over the crater walls of Haleakala.

To do this requires waking up at in the morning and a reservation. The slots open up 60 days in advance and they go fast. A small number of tickets are released 2 days in advance. These are worth checking if advanced reservations were full during your vacation. There is no reservation required to watch the sunset from the crater. Most of these tours pick you up at your hotel super early and drive you to the summit. You get a front-row seat as the sun crests the crater.

On the way back to your hotel they provide breakfast at a local Maui spot. Check out our favorite Haleakala Sunrise Tour here. You can hike directly into the crater of Haleakala. The trail is grueling not for its distance, 4 miles, but for the 2, vertical feet drop into the summit. Shorter and less grueling hikes are available. At the park entrance, there is a 0. Haleakala National Park provides wilderness camping. There are 2 campsites in the park for backcountry hikers. Permits are on a first-come, first-served basis at the Headquarters Visitor Center.


Maui Volcanoes: The Ultimate Guide – The Hawaii Vacation Guide.

Towering over the island of Maui and visible from just about any point, Haleakalā Crater is a force of nature in every sense. At 10, feet above sea level. Volcano tours in Hawaii are the perfect way to experience a deep insight into Hawaiian volcanic history. Tours depart from Oahu, Maui and the Big Island. Maui is an hour glass shaped island with two distinct volcanoes. Haleakala Volcano rises 10, ft above sea level and has a spectacular crater at the.


– Active Volcanoes of Hawaii | U.S. Geological Survey

AdTop Tours & Activities in Maui! Easy Book & Flexible Cancellation : Skip the Line Tickets, Day Tours, Museum Tickets, Guided Tours, Bus Tours. AdBest Things To Do in Maui. Local Experiences, Tours and Activities. Find Top Attractions in Maui. Discover Maui With These Unique Experiences.Más de Actividades · Críticas de Viajeros · Precios Bajos · Escapadas y ToursDestinos: París, Roma, Londres, Nueva York, Tokio, Sydney, Florencia, Venecia, Amsterdam. The Island of Maui has one active volcano, Haleakalā, which has erupted at least 10 times during the past 1, years. Kīlauea, the youngest and most active volcano on the Island of Hawai‘i, .

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